Waste Management

Delron brings together years of experience in waste management and commercial recycling. We have expertise in all aspects of the industry including waste handling and compaction coupled with waste avoidance & minimisation. We deliver source separation, from the generation point through to the collection, transportation, reuse, recycling, treatment and disposal of commercial, industrial and hazardous wastes

Delron provides practical, cost-effective and permanent solutions to waste management issues. Our commitment to our Clients is the provision of practical solutions that meet the objectives of the wastes hierarchy, environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainability while maximising operational efficiency.

Services include
  • Waste Assessment and Auditing;
  • Waste Management Plans;
  • Waste Reporting and Statistical Analysis;
  • Waste Hazard Categorisation;
  • Recycling Auditing;
  • Legislative and Regulatory Compliance Auditing;