Health & Aged Care

Delron recognises that the niche health and aged care sectors require special care, as well as complete attention to detail. That’s why we employ highly trained staff with extensive experience in cleaning hospitals, nursing homes and aged-care facilities.

By undertaking the highest level of care in our cleaning services, we ensure your specific needs are met. We have compiled a comprehensive employee induction process which focuses on safety and quality standards required in these specialist sectors.

We can offer you the most appropriate cleaning methodology to suit your business needs. Whether we employ traditional products and cleaning methods. or use alternative microfibre and waterless technologies, the Delron philosophy is to always operate in an environmentally aware manner.

The Occupational Safety and Health Award was presented to Delron by the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection and the Master Cleaners Guild of Western Australia (Inc), for dedication to safety and quality operations. As winners of several Golden Service Awards, Delron is highly recognised within the cleaning industry. These awards are testament of our professionalism and dedication to providing superior cleaning for health and aged care facilities.

Aged Care

Delron provides conscientious cleaning to all aged care facilities and we are always looking at new equipment and specialised training for this specific environment. We offer extra services for certain cleaning areas, including dementia, high-care and low-care sectors. The uniqueness of these areas requires the immediate action and attention to detail for which Delron is well known.


Delron sets the standard in delivering quality hospital cleaning in Perth and throughout our locations in WA. We offer emergency cleaning and consultancy work, tailored to the varied nature of the hospital sector. We deliver 100% best practice cleaning every time.