Event Cleaning

Event Cleaning is dynamic in nature. Mobilisation of large cleaning teams for short timeframes is a Delron speciality.

Our teams are lead by highly trained and experienced Supervisors and Ground Managers, who know what it takes to bulk-out and then detail… pre, during and post-event, and on the ultra-tight bursts between shows, when required. We can spread the job over several days, or complete it in a few hours, whichever our client prefers. Arenas and Stadiums, Festivals and Open-Air events of any size, we are focused on your satisfaction.

Delron protect your brand by understanding and valuing the key operations and logistics of your business, and being in tune with the time & motion of the show, promoters and crew. Real-time deep planning, the right equipment in-situ, the best staff drawn from our pool of over 1200, and the development of a specific set of models designed especially for your venue or events line-up… these are the key to handing you back the physical environ you require each time.

Delran have been in the business of managing large-scale cleans with small timelines for decades. Our managers and directors have been involved in events managing and marketing through their careers, and understand the functions of the industry.

Speak to us about how we can partner with you to manage your Event and Venue Cleaning.