Education, University & School Cleaning

When your resources are stretched and your need to compete for enrollments is the priority, Delron is here to take the pressure away. We understand your need to deliver your complete attention to your students and curriculum. We’re dedicated to offering the best school cleaning services around Western Australia.

When key staff are overseeing non-educational services such as cleaning, they can be less focused on educating the students.

Delron deliver first-class education support and truly understand the daily challenges faced by educational organisations. We have been a preferred school cleaner for EDWA for many years, cleaning more than 140 public schools at any one time. We have significant resources dedicated to the management and provision of cleaning within higher learning, public & private, and specialised educational facilities.

With our background encompassing most of Perth’s Universities and TAFE’s, as well as hundreds of public and Private Schools, Delron is ready to show you our way.